TP3Radio Presents: Kapitol Kash

Kapitol Kash has a full arsenal of material for all ages and groups to enjoy. (He proves himself as a great artist) With his gift of word play, easy-on-the-ear flows, intelligent lyrics, and great display of confidence on every track. (You can remove this sentence) He proves that he is the great artist he claims to be. He released his first mixtape titled “No Lie I’m Better Than All of Them” on Mar. 22nd as a free download on He was also featured on the compilation “The 3rd Eye Is Neva Blind” located @ You can also find him on


TP3Radio Presents: LAK

LAK is the co-founder, CEO, recording artist and co-executive producer of Smart Music Entertainment. His new album, Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education, has hit Amazon bestseller lists, reaching #1 in Hot New Releases and #8 in all Educational Music.  Songs on Lesson One hit on topics such as money management, female empowerment, African-American impact, history, politics, and more.  CBS Radio calls it “creative, innovative and informative.”  The Urban Times says, “LAK is taking the reigns from the higher powers who control hip-hop, and bringing it back to its original essence.”  Dominion of New York says, “Most people who use hip-hop to educate do so badly, Lak does it so well.”

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Lak_Lesson One-HipHop and Education4

Video Hype: Heart Sway – Talia Coles

I was sent this video today from my boy Jaison Coles. He is a talented singer, and his sister Talia is no exception. Check out her new video for her track ” Heart Sway” feat Vado.

I’m definitely feeling the video and the track. Check it out and let us know what you think! Check out for the legacy of the Coles family coming to TP3Radio in 2014!

TP3Radio Presents: Mike Meyers


DMV breed Hip-Hop artist, Mike Myers has been making his own creative mark on DMV’s hip-hop scene since 2002. Described by many as ”the Arrogant One”, Mike has listeners wanting to live each day like it’s their last, through his effortless portrayal of living every day to its fullest. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical interaction. Growing up just minutes outside of the nation’s capital, the lively area has offered Mike an array of musical influences from R&B, soul, go-go, reggae and house. Each genre of music is represented greatly through his choice beats and the song lyrics that he’s best known for. As a former member of the hip-hop group The Dons formed in 2003, Mike Myers was able to hone his musical creativity and writing skills while contributing to the group. Through Mike’s crafty wordplay, the group was able to give the fans what they needed with local club bangers like “Hater Blockers” and “Peanut Butter”, which made The Dons instant local favorites.  That success continued, when the group had opportunities to open for major hip-hop acts such as, Wu-Tang Clan, Yukmouth, Biz Markie and Slick Rick.

Since the group’s dissolution in 2009, Mike Myers has been preparing diligently for the release of his first solo effort entitled “Edukated Money”. Edukated Money has been described by its producers as having unique beats, thought provoking messages and relatable storylines that will entice every listener. The first track released from the project “King of Cool’, has debuted #1 on Sound Click’s chart list and has been building momentum on the local scenes. Following suit with other independent artist across the nation, Mike Myers is working on his own independent label that is set to launch in early 2012.

Mike Myers is currently performing promotional shows throughout the DMV for “Edukated Money” and the video for the first official single “Let It Rock” featuring Feezy Bueller will be released in November. Giving Mike’s history of providing his listeners with unforgettable club bangers and bona fided ”living life” anthems, the streets are anticipating “Edukated Money”, which is now out and can be downloaded.

TP3Radio Presents: Big Heavy


Ronald Jason Jasper better known by his stage name BIG HEAVY A.K.A. DOUGHBOY, (FORMERLY DOUGHBOY), was Born on March 3, 1981 in Brooklyn, New York, and at the age 8 he moved to Stone Mountain, Ga. Big Heavy had become very serious about music after years of being a fan of rappers like Big Daddy Kane, Twista, and Ugk. Then one day it happened, Big Heavy decided that he would start writing raps of his own. At the age of 14 he recorded his first record. “I always knew I could rap, I would be in class even in elementary school trying to come up with lines while the teacher would be teaching.  I use to listen to Twista a lot, so when it was time for me to start writing and recording I wrote fast songs.” –BIG HEAVY

Still undecided where he actually wanted to take his career, Big Heavy was introduced to a Producer name Dorian “SOULDOG” Daniels (TONI BRAXTON, ELTON JOHN, T.I.). With SOULDOG being no stranger to making hit records, the two came together to put out his    1ST CD titled “IN DA GAME” in 2003. While still doing business as DOUGHBOY during this point of his career) he was working his lead single off his cd called “From Da ATL Featuring Bone Crusher. It was gaining some momentum in the clubs and on radio throughout the southeast, when he was approached by an independent movie company about them using the rights to his song with Bone Crusher for a movie called “GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION” which starred Actor Morgan Freeman.

While hustling to take care of his son and support his music career, in 2006, he caught a break. He was introduced to Super Producer and Songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox (Usher, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz). Bryan heard a CD of some new music that DOUGHBOY had recorded and immediately became interested  in the idea of working with him. At 1st, it didn’t make any sense to BIG HEAVY. He couldn’t understand why a street rapper would be doing business with someone who focuses on r&b. Thinking this would be putting him one step closer to trying to attain a major deal, DOUGH decided to work with him anyway. One thing he learned Immediately from working Bryan was that your career has to have structure and be ran like a business in order for it to become successful, and that its more about your business than your talent when it comes to the music business. They decided to do a joint venture with their labels (Nubreed Entertainment & Blackbaby Inc).

During the Duration of their of agreement, DOUGHBOY released several mixtapes. “DA COOKBOOK” hosted by DJ Khaled, “DA COOKBOOK 2 (The Re-Rock Edition)” Hosted by DJ Drama, & “STREET SERTIFIED” HOSTED BY DJ GREG STREET. With releasing these projects, this helped him gain a core fan base. He also gained radio play with 3 different songs during the duration (Cake up feat J.C, Born Winners, & his most known song to date “BIRDZ FLYIN HIGH”).

Around late 2010, Bryan and now BIG HEAVY decided that it would best if they parted ways when it came to him as an artist. Bryan made it very clear that he wanted to focus on his production and songwriting, but at the same time he would always support, consult and assist Big Heavy in any way possible to help him further his career. By this time, is wasn’t solely about the music, Bryan and BIG HEAVY had become friends.

Feeling like he had to start from scratch, BIG HEAVY decided that it was time to really get on his grind. He started to record a lot of material and felt like it was time to let the world know that he had really worked on perfecting his craft. He hooked back up with Producer SOULDOG, and the tracks that SOULDOG gave him were a perfect fit to the puzzle. BIG HEAVY felt as if he was at the point where he was starting brand new, releasing music under his new alias, so he decided to call his new CD “FROM DA GROUND UP”. The Lead single “GET UP AN GO”, which is produced by SOULDOG, has already gained radio play in over 20 different cities across the Southeast Region, including Atlanta. Not to mention BIG HEAVY’S name is being mentioned in the same sentences as hip hop greats JAY-Z, KANYE WEST, & RICK ROSS on the major rap websites and blogsites throughout the internet.

Due to the fact that BIG HEAVY has a Unique style of music and a work-ethic that is perfect for this business, there is no doubt that he will continue to gain popularity and appeal to a wider range of audiences.

TP3Radio Presents: Drey Skonie

8-13-2012 (82 of 70)

Drey Skonie is an up and coming R&B artist from the birthplace of the famous Motown sound, Detroit Michigan. With all the heart necessary he wears the city’s influence with pride. The world got a glimpse of Drey’s talent with his global introduction on the first season of MTV’s “Making the Band 4” and he continues to add shine to his first love, music. Following his MTV appearance Drey Skonie continued to work hard joining his talents with Chicago’s own Kwiet Storm. The quartet’s dedication to the hustle was far beyond amazing and Drey appreciated the blood, sweat, and tears shared with his fellow group members, but realized being a part of the group, wasn’t where his heart was.

Today Drey Skonie is working as a solo artist with features on Shorty Da Prince’s newly release project Jordan 23, song entitled “Would You Like It”  & also SDP Flower Bomb Remix. The video was released February, 2012 and made XXL Magazine’s “Bangers” list, along with other Artist, like (Obie Trice ” Spend The Day”) the second single off his album “Bottoms Up”. This video was also release 2012 & climbing its way to the top, & (King Mez “The Allure” produced by JCole) all featuring Drey Skonie. Video’s & links are attached..
Drey Skonie is currently working on his EP with Soundtrakk , Prolyfic & 1120 , a team called The 2-3 out of Chicago. Still in the works but for now you can download Drey Skonie’s newest Mixtape M.A.R.S (Mission as a Rising Star), hosted by DJ Iceberg off of Live Mixtapes ( ). Android users download the “Drey Skonie”. And follow Drey on twitter “@dreyskonie”.


SDP ft Drey Skonie “Would You Like It”

SDP ft Drey Skonie “Flower Bomb remix”

Obie Trice ft Drey Skonie “Spend The Day”

King Mez ft Drey Skonie “The Allure” produced by JCole

TP3Radio Presents: Mariyo Deon


Where is passion birthed? In the instance of Mariyo Deon melodically, it was always there. It was inherited from his musically inclined father and cultivated by the church choir. The upcoming release of his follow up EP, “Experienced Character”, much to the excitement of his fans, will formally attract a broader demographic to his down to earth southern, charm combined with “from the heart” hip-hop lyrics infused with rhythm and blues. The expanding nature of his presence is sure to gain interest from new fans and industry insiders alike. In preparation of the release of “Experienced Character”, Mariyo Deon is generating a buzz with the singles ”Heart Broke”, “Biggest Fan” and “Broads” featuring the talented Miguel, that are now available for both listening and free downloading at


TP3Radio Presents: Lamma

Lamma @ Lambadina 3l

A world without LAMMA is just another lost world. Well, look out folks! Here comes the birth of a new era. Raised in the trenches of Toronto, Lamma, brings to you a style like no other. He is a story teller at heart, some may even say a natural born poet with a versatile flow. A song writer with a highly unique, energetic, epic, powerful, conscious sound that sets him apart from any artists you’ve ever heard or seen before.

Not to be mistaken with his holiness the Dali Lama… This Lamma is a living weapon that ain’t interested in spitting bullets. His cold, hard lyrics pierce the hearts, minds and souls of his listeners. Whether that be the hardcore hip hop followers, rap junkies, and even the club patrons, all shall embrace… “Lamma”.

Inspired by strong motivational leaders like Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Nanny of the Maroon, Samuel Sharpe, and also musical legends like Curtis Mayfield, Anita Baker, Public Enemy, Peter Tosh, Garnett Silk, Method Man, and D’Angelo, Lamma is on fast track to become the next hip hop sensation. Inspiration also came from home where his grandmother showed him how to survive, the ways of the street, and how to love and care for a woman. Hence, his undeniable dedication and devotion to his female fans.

As he marks his blueprint and engraves his name in the Hip-Hop industry defeat does not exist and failure is not an option. The divine being, Lamma, is here and plans to remain in the music industry. He is what the game needs, what the game has been missing. A new change, a new look, a new sound, a new living weapon… Y’all have been warned!

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